Rosario Dawson's career has legs!

The actress has been in the biz since the age of 16, when she made her big screen debut in the movie "Kids"

And now, at the age of 33, she's starring in Danny Boyle's new film, "Trance" -- and is showing off her sexy physique in the new issue of Esquire.  

Pause for a moment and take this in:


She looks great, doesn't she?

When asked to describe the moment she knew she could be a star, she tells the mag:

"[As a teen], I took a picture with my friend in a bikini. Around then, I didn't have it because I didn't want it. But I fit the clothes well, you know?"

Besides her hot bod, the photos also show off the actress' brand new 'do -- as she's seen sporting a half-shaved head, a la Rihanna, Skrillex and most recently Jenna Jameson.

What do you think of her look? We love her! Sound off below.