MTV just released the first trailer for the highly anticipated (at least by us!) third season -- and it's packed with bloodshed, new faces and, of course, a lot of shirtless wolf boys.

According to a press release from MTV, the new season starts four months after the finale, with Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), Lydia (Holland Roden) and Allison (Crystal Reed) starting their Junior year of high school.

A "deadly" pack of Alpha werewolves also arrives in Beacon Hills -- and they've got their eye on Derek (Tyler Hoechlin).

Check out the exciting sneak peek above!

toofab was recently invited to the set of "Teen Wolf," where we uncovered some secrets for the upcoming season.

Secrets from the Set -- Minor Spoilers Ahead:

1.) Allison has new digs.

After the death of Mama Argent, Allison and her dad downsize. The two now live in an apartment that looks like it came from the Upper East Side. Allison's new bedroom is gorgeous -- and is covered with Parisian accents.

2.) We'll peek into the past

During the tour we saw a brand new set: A dilapidated root cellar. We were told that a brutal stair collapse here will play a part in one character's backstory. Could this be the site of the Derek flashback MTV promised? Maybe.

3.) Wolves aren't the only violent animals around

At about 1:20 in the trailer above you see a Beacon Hills High classroom come under attack. On set, we learned that a flock of birds actually crashes through the school's windows -- and they're definitely peck-happy.

4.) Beacon Hills Hospital is open for business!

O.K., so there won't be any major surgeries happening there in real life, but the office for the show's medic is located within the hospital set. Fun, right?

We were also shown the morgue -- but were given no hints about who could end up there this season.

5.) Someone's gonna get kidnapped

One of the other new sets this season is a realistic bank vault. We were told a real vault from Downtown L.A. was recreated on the "Teen Wolf" soundstage and will be home to a kidnapping this season. No word on who gets taken. Who's your money on?

6.) Derek gets some lady love

Swoon alert! Tyler Hoechlin tells toofab there "may or may not be a lady friend coming into Derek's life" and adds that his shirt is definitely "coming off."  

That's enough for us!

Check out "Teen Wolf" Season 3 when it premieres June 3 on MTV -- and be sure to click here to enter for our Season Two DVD giveaway!