After minor roles in movies like "Can't Hardly Wait" and "In & Out" and playing a voice on the phone in "Scream 2," Selma Blair finally broke through in the 1999 flick "Cruel Intentions."

And we've loved her ever since!

Selma, who turns 40 today, went on to star as a firestarter in the "Hellboy" movies, was hilarious opposite Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz in "The Sweetest Thing" and was great in the underrated US version of "Kath & Kim."

Her career hit a recent road bump though, getting fired from her lead role on "Anger Management" by Charlie Sheen after complaining about his work ethic behind her back.

We're sure she'll rebound just fine. How about a "Hellboy 3" already?!

See how the rest of her "Cruel Intention" costars -- including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe -- have aged in the gallery above.

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