On Wednesday, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman, calling it unconstitutional.

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority opinion, and was joined by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Chief Justice John Roberts, Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito dissented.

The decision extends federal benefits to legally married gay couples.

The Court also dismissed Prop 8, meaning gays and lesbians can legally marry in California. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion. The decisions came Wednesday, the last day before it adjourns for the summer session.

Celebrities, gay and straight, took to Twitter to support the SCOTUS DOMA and Prop 8 decisions. Read their reactions below:

Kristen Bell ‏@IMKristenBell
.@daxshepard1 will you marry me? Xo #marriageequality #loveislove”
(the actress had previously said she would not wed until there was marriage equality in California)

dax shepard ‏@daxshepard1
DOMA is dead. Prop 8 is dead. Now let's bring my big, gay marriage to @IMKristenBell to Life!!!!

Barack Obama ‏@BarackObama
Today's DOMA ruling is a historic step forward for #MarriageEquality. #LoveIsLove

Ellen DeGeneres ‏@TheEllenShow
It's a supremely wonderful day for equality. Prop 8 is over, and so is DOMA. Congratulations everyone. And I mean everyone.

Suze Orman ‏@SuzeOrmanShow
Today is the greatest day so far in my life. Goodbye DOMA hello Equality.KT is crying with happiness.To everyone that backed this we thank u

Ricky Martin ‏@ricky_martin
🎉🎉🎉🎉#SCOTUS Justice for all! #DOMA IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Ellen Page ‏@EllenPage
DOMA is struck down! Snap!

George Takei ‏@GeorgeTakei
DOMA has been held unconstitutional, 5-4 decision authored by Justice Kennedy. Oh happy day!

Kristen Bell
You’re damn right DOMA is unconstitutional!! #equalitymatters

Ben Affleck ‏@BenAffleck
Big news from the Supreme Court. Goodbye #DOMA #Prop8. Hello #equality.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson ‏@jessetyler
Remember the old days when #DOMA was around and gay people couldn't get married in California? Crazy right!?

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
Down w DOMA! Something to be very proud of this upcoming July 4th. We are making beautiful progress for Equality! #proud

Mark Ruffalo ‏@Mruff221
Hey! You know what? The Kids Are All Right! Defense of marriage falls! We chose love over hate! Goodbye #DOMA

Brooklyn Decker ‏@BrooklynDecker
#DOMA is dead!!!!!!!!!!! Wow wow wow what a HUGE day for our country. Finally, finally.

Mark Ruffalo ‏@Mruff221
Congratulations everyone! Love wins over bigotry! #Doma falls. Thanks for Prop8 and the parade of fake science and bigotry that followed.

Kyle Richards ‏@KyleRichards18
Yes!!! What an incredible day! So happy to see this day finally is here! #equality #DOMA #prop8 #LoveIsLove

Adrienne Maloof ‏@AdrienneMaloof
#Prop8 has been dismissed! Marriage equality returns to #California! @NOH8Campaign

Nia Vardalos ‏@NiaVardalos
I'll do the floral bouquets! RT @bouska: BREAKING! #Prop8 dismissed! Marriage equality returns to California!

Neil Patrick Harris ‏@ActuallyNPH
DOMA-it-just-lost-O Mr. Roboto! So, so happy for Edie, et al.

Jennifer Carpenter ‏@J2thecarpenter
Today is the day DOMA died and LOVE won!! Life, liberty the pursuit of happiness AND LOVE FOR ALL!!!

Josh Dallas ‏@joshdallas
Big news from the Supreme Court. Goodbye #DOMA #Prop8. Hello #equality!!!!

Pauley Perrette ‏@PauleyP
After many prayers and tears, A historic day for Justice and Equality for ALL. Goodbye #DOMA Goodbye #Prop8 Hello Love.

Leonardo DiCaprio ‏@LeoDiCaprio
Historic day. Well done #SCOTUS. RT @GLAAD: Supreme Court affirms that #DOMA is unconstitutional! pic.twitter.com/FZCXAFc9ca

Heather Dubrow ‏@HeatherDubrow
Well said POTUS ! “@BarackObama: Today's DOMA ruling is a historic step forward for #MarriageEquality. #LoveIsLove”

Kevin McHale ‏@druidDUDE
Bye bye DOMA & Prop 8. No one liked u anyway.

Seth Meyers ‏@sethmeyers
DOMA and Prop 8 should get married.

Andy Cohen ‏@BravoAndy
I never dreamed I would see this day. The whole world has changed for us all. I can't believe it!! #DOMA #Equality

Paul Iacono ‏@paul_icon
We'll remember where we were when we heard the news. #DOMA

Jamie-Lynn Sigler ‏@JamieLSigler
Amazing news to wake up to this morning. !! #DOMA #SCOTUS

Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan
RIP bigotry. #SCOTUS #DOMA

Lena Dunham ‏@lenadunham
Don't wanna traffic in stereotypes but let's be real: I'm gonna love a gay wedding.

Tegan and Sara ‏@teganandsara

Greg Berlanti ‏@GBerlanti
Thank you #SCOTUS, good riddance DOMA, and hello to my Mom asking me once a month why I'm still not married.

Aviva Drescher ‏@AvivaDrescher
Such a monumental moment in world history of #equality as the #DOMA is marked unconstitutional & struck down. #glaad

Simon van Kempen ‏@SimonvanKempen
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOMA is unconstitutional Go Ms Windsor!!!!!