1031_view_launch The women of "The View" looked amazing this morning in their Halloween costumes -- and we gotta give them props for coming up with a very different Miley Cyrus outfit.

While Paris Hilton, Lara Spencer, Joan Rivers, Crystal Hefner and Kelly Ripa have all dressed as Miley at the VMAs, Jenny McCarthy had a more unique take.

She only dressed as her tongue!

Sitting in a pair of big red lips, Jenny looked ridiculous this morning on the talk show -- but she definitely wins points for originality.

Also surprising us was Barbara Walters, who wore Katy Perry's VMA outfit ... and even wore a grill!

Sherri Shepherd looked sexy as Daenerys from "Game of Thrones" and even had dragons flying around her, while Whoopi Goldberg dressed as (we think) The Mandarin from "Iron Man 3."

How do you think they all did? Check out the costumes in the gallery above. Plus, see more morning show costumes -- who's your favorite?