This year marks the 35th anniversary of John Carpenter's horror classic, "Halloween" -- and, shockingly, we're still learning some little-known facts from the set!

In celebration of the brand new Bluray for the flick, toofab talked to Scream Queen P.J. Soles, who played Michael Myers' "totally" cool victim Lynda (center) in the 1978 movie.

Keep reading to see what she told toofab's Brian Particelli about making the film way back when -- and what it was like doing her now-famous topless scene.

toofab: What's it like to be still talking about "Halloween," 35 years later?

P.J.: I go to a bunch of horror conventions every year and the fans never let you forget. They remind you that it was such a great movie and people love it so much. It's amazing! I would have never thought when I was filming it that it would happen.

toofab: Do you watch the movie every Halloween, like the rest of us do?

P.J.: I will watch it when they show it on TV. I'll go "Oh my God, that's so cool. I remember what we had to lunch that day!"

toofab: The residuals must be nice every October!

P.J.: Not really! They're based on what your salary was, which was really poor back then. But the $50 here and there and the fact that it still comes and says what movie its for, I go "That's so nice, I just made $42.90!"

toofab: Did you watch any of the sequels?

P.J.: No! I have to say that I was upset that Lynda got killed off. I was like "Really? There were going to be sequels?!" She could have survived, like, she was in the hospital. Had I known!

I saw "H20," Jamie [Lee Curtis] invited me to the premiere of that and that was fun to see her, I hadn't in a long time. I also saw the first one of the Rob Zombie re-imaginings.

toofab: What's it like being in one of the most famous topless scenes ever?

P.J.: It like 2 seconds! But people have told me "Those were my first breasts, I was 13 and my mother wouldn't let us watch the movie!" 

That was John Carpenter just saying "If you're comfortable with this, if we could have a little bit of nudity," so that was kind of thought up on the spot. John said "Your guiding light here is 'You can't believe that Bob [her movie boyfriend] doesn't come back to bed. Entice him, do anything you can to get him back in bed.'" If it was really Bob, it should have definitely worked!

toofab: "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kyle Richards actually played one of the kids in the movie -- have you seen her reality show at all?

P.J.: She was so adorable! I haven't, but you put a good idea out there, maybe I will. I want to see what she looks like grown up!

Click here to see how Kyle has changed through the years.

Still want more fun facts? Keep reading!

1. The now-iconic mask worn by killer Michael Myers is actually William Shatner! Production purchased a Captain Kirk mask for $1.98, then widened the eye holes and spray-painted it that ghastly bluish-white color. Live long and...oh wait, no living.

2. The movie -- which was originally to be titled "The Babysitter Murders" -- takes place in Illinois but was actually shot in Pasadena, Calif. in the spring. To portray the feeling of fall, the crew bought and painted paper leaves, then scattered them on the ground. To save money, the leaves were collected and reused for other scenes. 

3. The film was made on a tight budget of just over $300,000. Jamie Lee was paid $8,000 for her work, while Nick Castle -- who was the man behind the Michael Myers mask -- earned just $25 dollars a day!

4. Writer/director/producer John Carpenter idolized Alfred Hitchcock and his classic "Psycho,"naming Michael's psychiatrist Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) after Sam Loomis (John Gavin) of "Psycho." And he even cast "Psycho" star Janet Leigh's daughter in the starring role!

5. Will Sandin only appeared in seconds of the movie playing young Michael Myers in the beginning of the movie, but Will continues to speak at horror conventions. It ended up being his only film credit.

See what he looks like now in the gallery below!


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