Is Grumpy Cat a Hollywood icon now?

Twitter went wild this week over a photo showing the Internet sensation posing with a star on the Walk of Fame with her name on it (above).

Fans quickly started retweeting the pic, while making comments like "The fact that grumpy cat got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Kim K doesn't Lmao."

But, unfortunately, it's all a big Internet hoax.

While animals like Lassie have been honored in the past, this pic isn't legit. Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but it's one impressive Photoshop job.

A rep for the cat confirms that GC doesn't have a star of her own -- and was actually posing with Ellen DeGeneres' star in the unaltered photo (below).


But that doesn't mean it's an impossible feat.

A rep for the Hollywood Walk of Fame tells toofab, "We have the categories of television, motion pictures and others that someday she may qualify in, if she gets some Hollywood gigs. Maybe she will get her claws into some juicy roles like Walk of Famers Lassie, Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart did back in the day. Dogs 3, Cats 0. Time will tell."

FYI: Grumpy Cat has a movie in the early stages of pre-production ... so save some space for her on Hollywood Boulevard!

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