Brooklyn Decker isn't afraid to get a little naughty! 

The actress teamed up with her "Friends With Better Lives" costars Zoe Lister-Jones and Majandra Delfino for some naked fun in a Funny Or Die video dubbed "Brooklyn Decker Threesome."

The clip starts off with Decker talking dirty into the camera. "I know exactly what you like," she says. "I'm going to push all your buttons."

"Why are you always so sexual when you set the DVR," Lister-Jones asks Decker. "We're here just to watch TV. It doesn't have to be a super sexual experience."

But, then it gets a little weird!

When the camera pans to the other ladies, Lister-Jones and Delfino are completely naked (with some good blurring). 

Ms. Decker finally joins her naked pals and peels off her clothes because it's too hot in the room. Check out the video above to see her friends' funny reaction!

Watch the clip below to hear how our interview about "Friends With Better Lives" turned to a discussion about "boning" hot guys and James Van Der Beek's junk.

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