Go big or go home!

On Thursday's episode of "The Tonight Show," Pitbull and Jimmy Fallon played a heated game of Giant Duff Beer Pong at Moe's Tavern at Universal Studios Florida.

The game came with ginormous plastic cups, soccer balls to throw in them and more Duff Beer than Homer Simpson could ever imagine!

Normally, when things heat up in Florida, the clothes get shorter, but in this case, the pants just get tighter. Fallon even slipped into a pair of Pitbull's favorite type of pants -- high waisted, tight and white! 

The rapper also talked about his performance with Jennifer Lopez at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Brazil-- as well as the jokes made about the pants he wore.

"When we were under the Brazilian flag, Jennifer turned over to me and said ‘Not too bad for two poor kids from the States right?'" Pitbull said. "Who would have ever thought the talk of the performance would be some rolled up pants. If I would have known that, I would have been rolling up my pants for years."

Fallon mentioned Lopez's appearance in a sketch called "Tight Pants" that aired two days before the performance. For laughs, the host showed off two Photoshopped pictures: one of the sketch with Pitbull in the center, and another of the World Cup performance with Pitbull and Lopez's legs swapped.

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