Snooki is no stranger to the MTV Video Music Awards -- but with Baby #2 on the way, she was MIA from this year's festivities.

Instead of hitting the red carpet herself, the reality TV star did what the rest of us all do during an awards show ... and judged the stars who did show up from the comfort of her own home! 

We had Snooks send us her picks for who she thought was the best dressed at this year's show ... and asked her to reveal a few of her "not-so faves."

Some of her choices may surprise you -- keep reading to see her picks, in her own words.

Here are the looks she loved:

Demi Lovato looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I feel like I haven't really seen Demi in anything stunning like this in a while, so when I first saw this look my jaw dropped. She is absolutely beautiful and her boobs are to die for. Sexy mama!


Kylie Jenner is so grown up now it's insane! She was definitely one of my best dressed on the VMA carpet! She is clearly working this long satin black dress! Such a sexy and powerful look on her, I'm obsessed.


I have to say how beautiful Jordan Sparks looks! She is absolutely flawless and can work any white dress. Stay classy mama!

Loving Sarah Hyland's two piece angle crop top dress! She is totally working the blue color and adding the gold bangle gives it just enough pop to make this one of my faves! Let me borrow this girl.


Rita Ora is on fire. I have to be honest, some of her outfit choices I'm like "GIRL you can work it way better than that." She nailed her look at the VMAs! She has that sexiness and sass that reminds me of a Marilyn Monroe, and she's totally working that in this sexy spaghetti strapped red dress. Loving the high waist slit!!! Show that JLO leg!

And here are the ones she really wasn't feeling:

I love Amber Rose. She is sexy as hell and obviously a MILF, but I am so not feeling this outfit! I love the top part on her boobies, and it would have looked beautiful if it was an actual body hugging dress instead of layers of jewels. I'll let you pass on this one girl cause you are sexy no matter what, but don't forget the other half of the outfit next time.

No lie that Taylor Swift has bomb ass legs, but totally not feeling this turquoise romper. Maybe if it was a little longer it would have worked. And don't get me wrong I'm always down for short shorts, but this just looks awkward. You're still pretty TAY!!!

Miley Cyrus is my girl we all know this. But I want to see something different on her too! We all expect her to wear something outrageous, like nothing. Or her signature bandeau tops and high waist bottoms. Can we just play house and dress her up in a form fitting long gown? Now that, we wouldn't expect.

Ariana Grande is beyond beautiful and she's so cute, but I never really liked this style on her. I know she loves her knee high boots, but it just cheapens the outfit, (trust me I would know from my days on jersey shore LOL)...I would love to see her with a different hairstyle, beautiful curly locks with a crop top pencil skirt! Either way you're still cute girl.


And this bitch. I feel like Nicki Minaj always kills it with style at the VMAs, whether it's dressing up in her costumes or surprising us with something so simple yet so beautiful. I love my animal prints, but this is so plain for Nicki. But I have to say I am loving her hair! Very old Hollywood with the hair! Love you boo!

What do you think of Snooki's style picks? Sound off below!

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