If there's one thing the "Glee" fandom is known for, it's their devotion to "Klaine."

Kurt and Blaine's love story has been central to the show's plot since Darren Criss' Warbler was introduced in Season Two of the Fox series -- but a new threat is on the horizon.

News broke last month that Max Adler would not only be returning to the fold as gay reformed bully Karofsky for the final season, but he may also be "romantically entangled" with Blaine.

Show devotees were not happy with the report, especially considering Klaine ended Season Six very much engaged. So, what's going on here?!

toofab's Brian Particelli went right to the source, putting Adler on the spot about the rumors, the reaction from all the fans and if he'll be singing when the show returns.

"With 'Glee' you can't say anything. They really will kill you over there," he says about the rumored hookup. "I can confirm I am coming back. Karofsky is back in the picture and I know they have signed me on for the first four [episodes]. I have read the first two."

"I do have scenes with Kurt and Blaine and in what regard, what happens, lips are definitely sealed on that," he adds. "Karofsky's there and he's alive and well and living life."

And yes, he is very aware you don't want to see him break up your favorite TV couple. 

"Honestly, It's flattering," he says of some of the backlash. "They care, because they're invested in not only the story lines, but the characters and the show. I think that's a credit to the writers and producers that six seasons in, you still have these really passionate, die-hard fans. I think that's a good thing."

Adler doesn't know if he'll be singing just yet, but he's down if they ask.

"I don't know, I hope so. I've been ready for 2009 for that, since high school show choir," he reveals. "I sing, I did show choir in high school. I've been really happy with the storyline and acting jobs they've given me."

In addition to "Glee," Adler can also be seen in three different films this fall: "Believe Me," "23 Blast" and "Saugatuck Cures."

Check out the video above to learn more about his upcoming projects, the mood among the cast for "Glee's" final season and why he really believes the show has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

The 13-episode, goodbye season will kick off midseason on Fox. 

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