Like father, like daughter.

Lenny Kravitz and Zoe Kravitz both got new ink this week, during a private session with tattoo artist Tye Harris.

The rocker's 25-year-old spawn with ex Lisa Bonet shared a photo from the bonding session on her Instagram page, with the message "Late night tats with @lennykravitz thanks @tyeharris."

While neither Kravitz shared a photo of the finished product online, Tye gave toofab the exclusive details about their new body art.

"I tattooed Lenny last year when he got a portrait of his mother, " Harris reveals. "His new album ["Strut"] came out on Tuesday, and he hit me up saying he wanted some script on his arm." 

"At the last minute, he asked if we had some extra needles, because Zoe wanted to come too," Tye continues. "So they got matching tattoos. It was something Lenny said was really personal to him, as far as overcoming something in his past, saying 'Free At Last.'"

"She just wanted a matching tattoo with dad," the artist adds. "He's a real cool dad. Real laid back. It worked out pretty good, we just kind of text back and forth to see where each other are at -- and he texted me a couple weeks ago saying 'Where are you?' I was in Manhattan, and said 'Let's do this.'"

The family that inks together, stays together, right?

Check out more of Tye's creation over at his Instagram and Facebook pages.

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