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This one is gonna leave a mark!

It sure looks like Lea Michelle was dissed by Jessica Lange at the "American Horror Story: Freak Show" premiere on Sunday night -- and it was all caught on camera.

While Lea was posing for pictures on the red carpet, the veteran actress passed by her -- and though the "Glee" star tried to say "Hello," it appears Lange ignored her completely. Not convinced? Check out a closeup of the awkward moment around the 1:00 mark below:

Adding insult to injury: Just a few steps later, Lange stopped to greet "AHS" costar Jyoti Amge.

Do we think this slight was intentional? Probably not ... but it's still pretty funny!

Michele attended the event by Fox costars Jane Lynch, Chord Overstreet and Kevin McHale, to show their support for "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy

While Jessica's diss made a lasting impression, it was "AHS" regular Naomi Grossman who really stole the show.

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