Yes, that's Zach Galifianakis.

The "Hangover" star showed up the the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night looking like a new man, thanks to his recent weight loss, a trim beard and a man bun.

The actor, who picked up an award with the cast of "Birdman," hasn't been out in public since he surprised everyone with his slimmed-down physique back in October ... and it looks like he's even dropped a few more pounds since then!

Zach set off a Twitter explosion when he appeared at the very beginning of the telecast, during the show's annual "I'm an Actor" open. Many immediately started comparing him to Joaquin Phoenix -- do you see the resemblance?

Though Zach joked that he was "dying" when a reporter asked him about his new bod last year, he also said some of the weight came off after he quit drinking in 2013.

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