The cast of "Glee" is opening up about what it was like to shoot the final episodes of the hit series.

Lea Michelle and Jenna Ushkowitz both admit there were a lot of tears on the last day, revealing that everyone lost it when they saw Chord Overstreet cry. 

"Jenna and I always cry," Lea says on an upcoming appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." "Yeah they were sobbing the whole time," Chord adds. "Chord and Chris never really cry, so when you see them cry then you’re like. And Darren doesn't cry either," she adds.

"It was really cathartic," Darren Criss tells the talk show host. "Everyone’s always like, 'Did you cry? Were you crying?' Of course, of course I’m gonna cry. There were moments where I didn’t feel the need to cry, but then everybody else was so I felt like a jerk for not crying, and then I would join and go 'Oh my G-d this feels so good to cry it out.' It was so nice."

0224-lea-inset-3The stars also talk about paying homage to their late costar, Cory Monteith. "There’s a moment in the last episode that we had, and obviously, when we wrapped we all kind of took a moment," Overstreet explains. "He was there though. We could feel him. He was there," Chris Colfer continues.

The cast offset the sadness by stealing some special items from the set!

Chris claims to have stolen the best thing -- his hilarious costar Jane Lynch. Meanwhile, Jenna says she nabbed a particularly unflattering photo of herself in character with her "double chin at its most and best."

Check out the clip above to find out which piece of furniture Darren now has in his house and who stole some tiny gold shorts!

After their interview, Ellen has the actors play Cards Against Humanity. Overstreet takes the early lead by filling in the blank of the sentence, "I got 99 problems but ____ ain’t one," with a card reading "balls."

Watch the funny video to see who takes home the win!

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