Lions and tigers and Kellan Lutz, oh my!

The hunky "Twilight" star -- who hosts Fox's new series, "Bullseye," premiering this Wednesday -- made us swoon more than usual this weekend, as he got up close and personal with a group of baby lions while visiting The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation in Mexico City.

In the incredibly adorable video above, the 30-year-old animal activist -- who has worked with PETA in the past -- is almost overpowered by the collection of cuddly felines, the actor struggling to get to his feet as they grab hold of his arms and legs.

Even they can't get enough of him!


According to the foundation's official website, the group is focused on "rescuing what people consider Big Cats from bad circumstances" like breeders, zoos and circuses.

They currently have over 80 giant kitties at the preserve, including tigers and jaguars.

Want to see even more ridiculously aww-worthy pics of all the little critters? Check out the gallery above or the foundation's Instagram page right here.