Jimmy Kimmel is at it again!

In a post-playoff game special that aired Thursday, the late night host had both former and current basketball stars read some of the hilarious (and horrific) things people have said about them on Twitter in another edition of "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets."

Magic Johnson kicked things off with the following tweet: "I'm convinced Magic Jackson has approximately 73 teeth in his mouth," he said before flashing a huge smile.

Tony Parker was up next on the chopping block.

"People say LeBron flops, have you ever seen this little French woman named Tony Parker," he said, clearly unhappy about being called a lady.

Portland Trail Blazers guard Wesley Matthews was called fat, and he had a hilarious response for his hater. "Wesley Matthews complains about every foul. Just go eat donuts on the bench you fat f--k." The buff athlete replied, "Fat f--k? F--king 6 percent body fat."

Steph Curry seemed puzzled by his mean tweet. "Imagine the damage Steph Curry would be doing in the NBA if he didn't have such a girly name #changeittosteve," he read. The Golden State Warriors star responded, "Steve's a terrible name. Oh, shoot! That's my coach's name." 

The meanest tweet was read by Blake Griffin. "GOODBYE BLAKE GRIFFIN YOU SOFT GINGER HAIR COLORED LINDSEY LOHAN FRECKLED FACE TWO HEADED BITCH TAKE YA ASS HOME BITCH," he read aloud. Check out the clip to see his response!

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Which tweet was your favorite? Sound off below!