Coco Austin has one of the most enviable booties in the business, but is it real?!

On Thursday, the "Ice & Coco" host and her husband, Ice T, enlisted Dr. Chris Johnson to prove that it's all natural. 

"I don't naturally let men touch on my wife's butt, but I want you to inspect her booty right here on television," the "Law & Order: SVU" star tells the plastic surgeon. "You've got to really inspect it, because I know it's real," Coco adds.

"This is purely medical," the doc promises.

Once Dr. Johnson inspects the blonde bombshell's derriere from all angles, he declares that it is, in fact, the real deal!

"Based on anatomy and the muscles -- there are three muscles there, I can feel them all. There's not an implant there. I don't feel fat injected," Johnson says. "I can certify that this is a real, natural butt!"

Check out the clip below to see for yourself!

Later in the show, Coco learns how to get the perfect booty shot from guest Adrienne Bailon. 

"Is there a word for booty shots?" the pregnant star asks. "It's like the butt selfie ... it's the belfie," "The Real" host explains.

With the help of a "belfie" stick, Adrienne teaches Coco how to get her best angle. You've gotta watch the video below! 

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