Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" never disappoint!  

The late night host revived his hilarious and popular "Jimmy Kimmel Live" segment earlier this week -- but this time changed things up by getting celebs to come read their meanest Twitter messages in front of his live studio audience.  

On Thursday night's show, Kimmel had his most A-list line up yet with Halle Berry, Tobey Maguire, Naomi Watts and George Clooney all reading some cringeworthy tweets.  

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First up was Berry, who read a tweet from @ashton_: "Halle Barrie's boobs are lopsided."  

The actress, who happened to be wearing a sheer top, simply responded, "Well, when they're real, that happens."

Next, the "Spider-Man" star read his tweet from @VMB_73: "Conspiracy theory: Toby Maguire [sic] is just a hamster in a robot." 

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Watts, who was the third victim of the night, recited a mean tweet from @beddlet: "Not to sound mean but Naomi Watts has such a blah face?? I look at it and there's just..nothing, like a blank space where features should be."

But Kimmel made sure to save the best for last, with Clooney reading a hilarious tweet from @LowKeyUHTN: "Hey George Clooney, ur haircut suxz. Oh and so does your sense of humor. I'm on you all night f--k boy."

Kimmel kicked off his week-long segment on Monday night with Kristen Bell, Jeff Bridges and Benedict Cumberbatch. After last night's show, the host released a compilation video of each nights "Mean Tweets" segment.

Watch the full video above -- who was your favorite?

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