Tracy Morgan is back in action! 

The comedian makes his return to the "Saturday Night Live" stage in a new promo teasing his hosting gig for this week's episode. The star took a 16-month hiatus from the spotlight following a New Jersey car crash last June that left him seriously injured.  

While the 46-year-old suffered a traumatic brain injury in the accident, he appears to be sharper than ever, joking about the extent of his injuries.

"Oh Tracy, it's such an honor to have you back man," Bobby Moynihan tells the star. "Back where? Did I use to work here? I can't remember anymore," a confused Tracy asks. 

"I'm messing with you Bobby," the star laughs. "Yeah I remember, I remember everything! I remember you owe me $72."  

Just last month, the "30 Rock" star made a surprise appearance at the 2015 Emmy Awards, where he received a standing ovation from his peers.  

"When you have traumatic brain damage -- as you can see the scars on my head -- at that moment it first happened, when I didn't see any hope and I couldn't walk, before they taught me how to stand up and sit down again, you don’t feel [like you'll recover]," Tracy told reporters backstage at the award show.

"But as the months and the months and the months went by, part of my therapy was seeing TV and seeing my friends and saying that I'm coming back one day. My wife made sure of that."

Are you excited for Tracy's return to the "SNL" stage? Sound off below then watch his full promo above! 

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