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Mother-daughter date night!

Olivia Newton-John turned heads on the "Dancing With the Stars" red carpet on Monday night with her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi.

The "Grease" star looked gorgeous in black lace top and black and red tuxedo pants as the 29-year-old singer showed some serious skin in a plunging black mini dress and white lace-up furry platform boots.

Between her platinum blonde hair and her plump pout, Chloe has certainly changed up her look in the past four years.


In fact, her sexy makeover sparked criticism in August, which she responded to directly on Instagram.

After a fan called her "trashy," Lattanzi responded with the following statement: "No normal person will ever try to hurt you or make you feel bad about yourself. Only a sicko will. So girls with big boobs big lips and short skirts your a sexy bombshell !!!!not a slut! And dey all just jealous. We 2 busy making moves to hate! weirdos got to much free time ! I love and support you all! And value your talents beauty and dreams! Share this post if you think it will help someone you know. Also If u are a sicko that's gonna hate your comment will be deleted right away and not seen by me. So don't wAste your abundant free time."

That's one way to deal with haters!

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Chloe wasn't the only person to show big support for her mother last night. Julianne Hough, who is set to play Sandy in the upcoming "Grease: Live," couldn't help but gush about the Hollywood icon.

"My favorite moment on Dancing With The Stars last night was… hmmmmm let me think about it… what could it be?? OH YEAH — OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN (AHHHHHHH!) I was incredibly honored to sit next to Olivia (can I call her Olivia?) at the judges table," she wrote on her website.

"Grease has been my favorite musical since always! It actually inspired me to become an entertainer," she added. "I’m still pinching myself over the fact that I have the opportunity to play Sandy in Grease Live on Fox on January 31. You can imagine how surreal it was sitting beside her. I’ll always remember last night!"

Julianne looks like she could be Olivia's daughter too!