Get a room!

After singing their hit single "Marvin Gaye" at the American Music Awards, Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth took their lyrics to heart and started "getting it on" right on stage.

While the music video for the song ends with them going in for a smooch, they really went for the extreme during the live performance -- sharing a 15 second lip-lock that was almost uncomfortable to watch. Charlie also went in for a handful of booty!

Puth previously opened up about swapping spit with his video costar earlier this year, saying Trainor is a "very good kisser."

"The word 'awkward' never came to mind because Meghan’s a very good kisser, so I knew it wouldn’t be any problem there or anything like that. I have no problem kissing people in front of other people, but my parents, I’m like, that’s a doozy. Let’s see how this works itself out," he told MTV. "And then we had to do it five times, different angles, different lighting. They are like, 'Let’s move this light over here.' OK sure, and my parents were in the other room and I walked in like, 'Hello.'"

"Everyone was cheering because I was so good at it," Meghan added.

Watch the moment above!

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