Wow, These Celebs Dated?!

Not only is Amber Rose creating buzz for getting in the middle of Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa's Twitter war, but she's also sparking rumors that she's dating Scott Disick.

It all started when the model started following Kourtney Kardashian's ex on Instagram. Days later, she was spotted getting onto a private jet with Disick, Chris Brown and French Montana.

But, it seems the two are just friends.

"That is so not true," she told Allegedly podcast hosts Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss, when they asked about the rumored romance. "Ok, this is the thing with Scott, which is really unfortunate because I didn't want to be in that messy situation, I met him three times. He's a really cool guy. I met him through mutual friends. We've never hung out together alone or nothing like that. We're not close. I don't know him like that."

"No, I'm not dating Scott. I don't really know him that well," she added. "And it's f--ked up because it's like, when you try to be nice, you can't be nice. [People think] you're being petty."

Rose admitted that she's "technically single," but she is dating. Even though she's playing the field, you won't be seeing her with any new musicians.

"I feel like I'm done with musicians because of the lifestyle—the late night studio sessions," she revealed. "I need something different. I would possibly date an actor, maybe try an athlete. I would try a normal guy, if it's the right thing. They don't have to be famous. I'm all about chemistry and feelings. If it's chemistry then I'm just going to go with it."


Amber has another connection to Scott -- her BFF, Blac Chyna, is dating Kourt's brother, Rob Kardashian. The new couple became "Instagram official" after Chyna posted a picture snuggling against Rob's tattooed arm.

"I think if people are happy then that's what's most important. Period," she said, explaining how Chyna has been a good influence in Rob's life. "They're working out. Chyna is cooking healthy meals for him. It's a really, really good vibe."

"Rob is the coolest guy you'll ever meet in your life," she continued. "He's realistic, you know. He's an amazing person. And it's sad that people don't really get to see that. He's just down to earth… and just, just cool. Like he gets life. He gets it."

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