See More Former Playmates -- Then & Now

What do you get a man who's seen more naked women than anyone else in the world? Even more naked women.

In a sneak peek at tonight's new episode of "Kendra on Top," we see Kendra Wilkinson plan a birthday surprise for Hugh Hefner, for his big 90th b-day bash.

His gift: a video featuring a hot tub full of scantily-clad ladies, including herself and new BFF Jayde Nicole.

"I want this video to be fun, but I don't want it to be over-the-top because I'm a wife, Hef is married now, so, you know, it has to be nice and tasteful," she explains of the shoot in a confessional. "We're just going to keep it fun, light-hearted and hopefully put a smile on his face."

In the video, Kendra sports a one-piece as she's surrounded by bikini-wearing hotties. "Hef, it's your 90th birthday, and we are here to fulfill all of your fantasies, so follow us into the hot tub."

"We don't have a birthday cake for you, Hef, but we have something you might appreciate a little more," she continues, before all the women take off their tops.

On the new season of Kendra's show, there's talk of a potential "Girls Next Door" reunion -- something Kendra doesn't think will ever happen.

"I don't know. Honestly, it's being talked about right now but it's highly unlikely," Wilkinson tells toofab of a special involving all three girls and Hef. "There are some people onboard, [but] I don't know if everybody is onboard."

If a gathering of the gals were to happen, it'd be the first time Kendra and Holly would be in the same room since their bitter feud began -- and the former tells us she has some big questions for her one-time costar.

"I would never be worried running into her, but I do have a couple wonders," she explains. "I guess I'd point out a couple things. I have my side, you know? I would say, look, some of the things she wrote about, she didn't actually see. She just kind of assumed. She wrote it so it would demonize me, yet I have my version of the story. It's just wrong to write about things out of my character, things that I wouldn't do, things that are not who I am. It just goes to show that, once again, we were never friends. At the end of the day, everybody has their side of the story."

"Kendra on Top" airs Friday nights on WE tv.