Courtney Stodden has been very vocal about her mother's questionable behavior around her much-older husband, Doug Hutchison -- and now, we might hear his side of the story!

The reality TV star recently told toofab that her mom, Krista, developed feelings for the 55-year-old actor and even tried to steal him away. "My husband isn’t the first man that this happened to," Court told us. "I had other past relationships where she felt feelings for them, she crossed the boundaries because they were never there."

The mother-daughter duo had a major falling out because of extremely unusual situation, but they've been trying to mend their relationship this season on Lifetime's "The Mother/Daughter Experiment."

While they've made progress in repairing their own relationship, Doug is still a touchy subject.

"I haven't told my mom that Doug's coming because I don't want her to leave," Stodden says in an exclusive sneak peak of Friday's new episode.

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"I feel like I've fallen back into how we used to be," she tells her mom directly during a session. "I've realized that eight weeks isn't long enough to be able to heal our relationship."

"I really feel the big issue right now is Doug," Dr. Debbie Magids tells the pair. "We can't ignore that there's a Doug. So, I actually invited Doug here today."

Krista is shocked to hear that Hutchison is coming, and the tension comes to a head during therapy.

"I'm only dealing with her. I'm not going to be in a room with Doug," Krista declares. "That's it!"

Things take a dramatic turn when Doug rings the doorbell and is greeted by the rest of the house.

Check out the clip to see what happens next, and watch all the drama unfold on "The Mother/Daughter Experiment" on Tuesday on Lifetime.

Plus, find out if Courtney thinks things ever got physical between Doug and Krista in the video below!