Tori Spelling’s Hubby Dean McDermott Proposes a THIRD Time!
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Despite some serious drama over the past couple years, Tori Spelling definitely still wants to be married to her husband.

Dean McDermott proposed to his wife for the third time today … in front of the Eiffel Tower!

Tori’s husband, 49, popped the question to his wife of ten years at the Cafe de L’Homme, overlooking Paris’ historic Trocadéro gardens with a breathtaking view of that tower across the Seine.

Tori dished to Michael Simon, who photographed the proposal, that Dean arranged "to have the terrace all reserved and private for us, and told me we were going to get coffee and hot chocolates for the kids. And then surprised me when he got down on one knee and presented me with an antique engagement ring."

You can see Tori’s shock in the photo, in which she stands mouth agape as Dean opens the box to show her the ring. Their four kids surround her, in what she calls "a perfect family moment for unity and love!"

Despite this being the third time Dean’s proposed, they have, in fact, been continuously married since May of 2006, not long after the first proposal on December 24th, 2005.

The second proposal came a year later, on December 25th, 2006.

During 2013’s holiday season, Dean had an affair that quickly flared up into a public scandal - one that Tori took understandably hard. As recently as this January, she told Lena Dunham in an interview for Lenny Letter that, "Everything about me was stripped away with one magazine cover. That was it. It was that Us Weekly cover."

Based on these pics, the couple has mended their fences - and are even planning another wedding ceremony to follow up their newfangled "engagement!"

We’ll have to wait on the deets, though. As Tori clarifies, "No date for the wedding is set, yet, but our 10 year anniversary will take place in May."