Chloe Grace Moretz on Her Estranged Father: The Things That He Did Are Unforgivable
Steven Pan
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Don't hold out for a reunion between Chloe Grace Moretz and her estranged father anytime soon.

The actress' father McCoy "just left" before her 13th birthday, the now 19-year-old star said in an interview earlier this year -- and now, she's opening up a little more about the fallout his exit caused on her family.

"I was 12. It was a pretty bad experience," she reveals in the June issue of Glamour. "It could have rocked our family and messed us up, but it actually made us a lot tighter. My brothers bumped up into the roles of fathers and kept me in a bubble where I could live in a world that wasn't jaded and ruined."

While her family -- which includes mom Teri and brothers Trevor, Colin, Ethan and Brandon -- has persevered, the wounds are still a little raw.

"I don't think I will truly find a way to forgive; the things that he did are unforgivable," she adds. "My forgiveness is that I'm living my life."

Moretz also says the abandonment issues have had a long lasting impact when it comes to trusting others.

"In my business in general, it's hard to trust people," she tells the mag. "And it definitely affected me at a young age in terms of accepting people into my life on a personal level. But I've overcome that in the past few years —- dealing with relationships, dealing with guys. You don't realize why you're acting a certain way, and then you start to piece it together, and you realize you've got a slight case of PTSD."

"There are a lot of walls. My mom is the same way. She loves, she forgives, she accepts, but it takes a long time for her to really trust, which is a good thing," she adds. "Don't be a shell of a person, but don't go head over heels on the first date."

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