It's baaaaaack!

Our favorite "Jimmy Kimmel Live" segment returned for Round 10 last night, as A-list names like Ryan Gosling, Melissa McCarthy, Kate Hudson, a few Avengers and Zac Efron were brought down a few pegs from some Internet haters.

It all kicks off with Hugh Grant.

"Watching Hugh Grant and his stuttering pathetic 'charm' is about as appealing to me as closing my scrotum in a DVD case," the "Bridget Jones' Diary" star reads off his phone. "Are these real or do you make them up to be especially nasty," the Brit then asks someone off-screen, clearly surprised by his troll's message.

"Kate Hudson is a dead eyed trash bag that smells like low tide," the "Deepwater Horizon" actress reads aloud during her turn, cracking up at the diss thrown her way.

McCarthy got our favorite barb of the night: "Melissa McCarthy is the Madea of white people."

And Gosling, well, flatulence was brought up for his slam.

'Why does Ryan Gosling always look like he's trying to squeeze a fart out without it making any noise?" he reads, before dropping his own comeback.

Other targets this time around: Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Margot Robbie and Russell Crowe.

See them all in the video above. For more Mean Tweets, check out the links below!