Not everyone is broken up by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce.

Samuel L. Jackson was randomly asked about the news during an interview with "Good Morning Britain" on Thursday, where he made it clear he really DGAF.

"It's just sad isn't it?" the reporter asked during their one-on-one. "Is it, really?" a surprised Jackson replied.

"It's life, people carry on. There's a huge segment of America that still thinks what he did to Jennifer Aniston was just wrong and they're just overjoyed that the 'Wicked Witch' lost the husband," Jackson continued, bringing up the media's obsession Pitt's first marriage to the "Friends" star.

"There's another segment that is sad and there's the dissolution of another family and all those kids," he continued. "I don't know why it's everybody's business or why people care anyway."

While the news doesn't mean much to Jackson, other celebs weren't as diplomatic with their reactions to the split.


Chelsea Handler, one of Aniston's best friends, put Jolie on blast on her talk show the day the divorce was announced.

"Brad and Angelina always said they wouldn't get married until everyone could get married," she said on Tuesday's "Chelsea." "And I always said I wouldn't get married until they got divorced. So I'm officially accepting proposals! I'm ready!"

"There are rumors that part of the problem was Brad was allegedly drinking and smoking too much weed," she continued, referencing TMZ's article. "I wonder why he needed to self medicate. Maybe because he could have been spending the last 12 years at Lake Como hanging out with George Clooney and Matt Damon instead of being stuck in a house with 85 kids speaking 15 different languages?"

"Oh yeah and because he married a f---ing lunatic thats why," she shouted. "But we should all respect their privacy during this very difficult time. This will be the last time I speak of this ... on TV."

Other stars like Chrissy Teigen, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Milano and more spoke out about the surprising uncoupling as well -- click here to see their reactions!

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