Ellen DeGeneres Disastrously Styles Jessica Alba's Hair, Gets Hairbrush Stuck In Her Mane
NBC/Ellen DeGeneres Show
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Jessica Alba had one hair-raising encounter on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show!"

The actress stopped by the comedienne's talk show on Monday to promote the new line of hair care products from her business, the Honest Company. And while the 35-year-old may have just thought she was going to talk up the products, host Ellen DeGeneres had different plans.

Yep, DeGeneres went with a very hands-on approach to helping Alba showcase her line of beauty products, messily testing everything from mousse to conditioner on the "Sin City" star's locks.

After making Alba put on a smock, DeGeneres looped her arms through the actresses' and made her read from a script the "Finding Dory" star had written herself.

"Hello, I'm Jessica the Hottie McTotty Alba," the brunette beauty said as DeGeneres' arms fussed with her strands.

"It's important to start with very wet hair—the more wet the hair, the better," she continued, cueing DeGeneres to generally spritz her mane -- and face! -- with a mister.

But that was only the beginning.

"And here's a little secret," Alba went on. "I keep a little shot of tequila on my vanity and mommy thirsty!" she exclaimed as DeGeneres made her drink up.

Giving the mother of two a stiff shot might not have been a bad idea, considering the host went on to slather leave-in conditioner and thick hair mask through her strands. She even got a hairbrush stuck in Alba's hair as she tried to work through all the tangles she'd created during her little styling sesh.

Watch the video (above) to see Alba's final hilarious look!

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