John Legend Urges Everyone to Focus on Love, Not Hate, Post-Election with Brand New Music Video
See Baby Luna's Cutest Photos

If you found hope in John Legend's emotional post-election Instagram post, then you're definitely going to want to watch the just-released video for his "Love Me Now" single.

After sharing teaser shots on "Good Morning America" and social media last week, the Grammy winner finally released the video in its entirety today. Just like in the sneak peeks, we see more sweet moments of the singer with his wife Chrissy Teigen and baby girl Luna, and we finally get a bit of context for the other people who have starring roles in the video.

Captions clue us in to the diverse shooting locations: a Syrian refugee camp in Northern Iraq; post-Pulse nightclub attack Orlando, Florida; the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, where people continue to fight the Dakota Access Pipeline; and the trash-strewn shores Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

But rather than share shots of the struggles in each of these locations, Legend has instead chosen to focus on the love that thrives there in the face of adversity; we see smiling, laughing children, as well as happy couples—both gay and straight.

The visuals remind us of the crooner's positive message the day following the election, in which he encouraged those as disappointed with the results as he was to choose love over hate.

"We didn't think about the election when we planned the release date for this song and video," he captioned a shot of himself with Luna and Chrissy, who hold up a "#LoveMeNow" sign. "But in this time of conflict and uncertainty, it's clear that we all need more love. I find it in my family and in my music. Embracing my family has made today full of love and light despite the bad news. But it's also important that we show love and empathy to people who may not look like us or live like us. Those who are marginalized and rejected, feared and left behind."

Watch the full video (above) and tell us what you think of it in the comments section below!