See More Age-Defying Beauties

Suzanne Somers knows the secret to aging flawlessly!

The actress has become the poster woman for looking fabulous ... and at 70 years old, it's easy to see why.

We caught up with the blonde bombshell at the Los Angeles premiere of Tom Ford's "Nocturnal Animals," where she spilled some of her best kept beauty secrets!

"I really take good care of myself. I don't take any drugs either over the counter or pharmaceutical," she revealed. "I grow my own organic food, I rub on hormone cream everyday. Everything that I write about in my books, I live the life that I write about."

"I'm finding it's really paying off! It was a good thing to do 20 years ago," she added, stressing the importance of starting young.

Somers has written over 20 books on health and wellness including, her most recent book "TOX-SICK". The "Three's Company" alum is clearly an expert on living a healthy lifestyle ... and Hollywood's younger generation has taken notice.

"There was a girl who came up to me at a Vanity Fair Oscar party a few years ago. She was really beautiful like Scarlett Johansson kind of beautiful," Suzanne told toofab's Candice Brock. "She was sort of nervous, I could see she wanted to come over, so I looked at her and she came over. She said, 'I hope when I'm your age that I look like you,' and I said, 'Start now.'"

While Somers has a ton of tips on how to stay youthful, she's not giving up all of life's pleasures. In fact, the star admits she enjoys a daily dose of tequila and doesn't feel guilty about it!

"I love Patron Silver tequila! I don't even think it's a bad thing, there's a lot of great information coming out about tequila," she raved. "It has little to no sugar so you don't get fat from it and it also acts as a probiotic in your GI tract!"

"So I do it for medicinal purposes," she added, "pretty much one a day!"

That's one tip we can really get behind!