Jimmy Fallon and James McAvoy's Ramen Challenge Ends In Super Mario Dance Party (Video)
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Fallon's Craziest 'Tonight Show' Moments

Jimmy Fallon challenged "Split" star James McAvoy to a high-stakes Ramen Challenge on Wednesday night where the two raced to suck down four-foot-long noodles and sake or face the consequences.

The fate awaiting the loser: they'd have to open a mystery box and dance around wearing whatever costume was hiding inside.

Spoiler alert: Jimmy lost hard.

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After McAvoy bested Fallon, the "Tonight Show" host had to slip into a Super Mario Bros. getup, complete with bushy mustache. "This is in your kinky dreams," Fallon joked, while putting on the outfit. "Your thick noodles are stuck in my throat," James responded.

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The show's house band, The Roots, played a rousing rendition of the video game theme song while the comedian danced like the pixelated plumber. Watch the funny clip (below).

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