The 'Black Stretch Pants' Twitter Mob Is Coming for Kellyanne Conway
The Scene at Donald Trump's Inauguration

Another day, another Kellyanne Conway statement that sets Twitter ablaze.

Fresh her "alternative facts" remark on NBC's "Meet the Press," President Trump's Counsel managed to insult a large percentage of her boss's base during a new interview with Hollywood Reporter in which she responded to criticism of her inauguration outfit by saying, "sorry to offend the black-stretch-pants women of America with a little color."

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Conway wore a $3,600 Gucci coat to the 45th Presidential Inauguration, which caused a stir of hilarious comments and memes on social media. Conway, who also mentioned that Twitter is a “public cesspool” probably won't be happy to see the new tweets the from proud, stretchy pant wearing women of America.

See a sampling of some of the reactions:

Conway might not think Twitter users are a cesspool, we think they’re pretty hilarious.