Donald Trump's executive order banning refugees and citizens of seven Muslim countries was of course the hot topic of the day on Monday's "The View," and the ladies women were not having it.

For Whoopi Goldberg, she thought the ban was targeting all the wrong people.

"It sounds like we're banning Muslims. Why do that when there's no proof anyone in the last 10 years, nobody form another country has come in here from those countries, no illegal immigrant has come in here and shot anything up," she said. "It's all been home grown terrorists, why aren't we looking at that?

The other women then questioned why countries like Saudi Arabia weren't included in the ban, despite being home to a number of 9/11 terrorists, conservative panelist Jedediah Bila couldn't explain it either. "It doesn't make any sense," she said.

Goldberg and Bila, who often battle with each other over politics, were equally confused when it came to banning those with green cards.

"So all these people who actually went the right route, green card, got all these things done, and they can't get in either. To me, this is sloppy," said Goldberg. "As much as they want to say, 'We knew what we were doing,' it does not seem like they knew what they were doing."

"I agree with you, when you talk about green cards, those are people who followed the legal mechanism," added Bila. "They should have put protections in for people who have green cards."

"All I know is that everything Donald Trump is doing is making the world a less safe place," Joy Behar interjected. "That is the bottom line of this administration, every single thing he's doing."

"On a personal note, I have been stress eating, I gained two pounds," she joked. "All of this banning that he's doing is recruiting more ISIS terrorists. Don't you think they're using this?"

Behar and Bila then started to go at it over why terrorists take aim at the United States. Watch the video around the 2:00 mark below:

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