Whoopi Golberg and her "View" co-hosts were livid over Donald Trump's remarks about both Frederick Douglass and Arnold Schwarzenegger Thursday morning. Even conservative panelist Jedidiah Bila went in on the president.

"If you’re going to do a breakfast and you're going to be celebrating Black History Month," Bila said, "Do your research. Know something going out there."

Bila wasn't done there, either. "Even if you didn't know the depth of the history, shouldn't you know the guy's dead?" Bila asked. "Donald, it's not about you. It's not about your ratings. He's an egomaniac."

The panelists were referring to Wednesday's Black History Month speech given by Trump in which critics took aim at the president's apparent lack of knowledge on the subject.

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"I want to point out that Frederic Douglass died 122 years ago," Whoopi Goldberg said after a clip of the speech was played for the studio audience.

Joy Behar added: "It's clear that these two white guys know diddly about black history," including Press Secretary Sean Spicer in the mix.

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The heated discussion turned to Thursday morning's Schwarzenegger slam during the National Prayer Breakfast. The president blasted his "Apprentice" replacement over ratings and encouraged those in attendance to "pray" for him.

"I don't have time to pray for Arnold. I'm too busy praying for Melania," Behar said.

Watch the full video (above).

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