Trevor Noah blasted President Donald Trump over his behavior during phone calls with the leaders of Mexico and Australia on Thursday's "Daily Show."

First, the host criticized Donald for "escalating" a feud with Mexico. "Look on the bright side, Trump's learning Spanish. This story is why you have to appreciate every now moment," Noah explained. "Remember a week ago, we were freaking out because Trump was starting a trade war and now we're freaking out because he's starting a war war? Now we're like, oh man, I miss the old Trump."

"This is not an escalation, exactly, this whole invasion," Noah continued. "Let's be honest: America already invades Mexico every spring break. And these people who are going down to Mexico, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people. I've heard."

Later he blasted the president for his angry phone call with Australia.

"Who picks a fight with Koala Island?" joked Noah. "So Trump damaged relations with a key strategic ally because he missed nap time? That is the cutest, most terrifying thing I have ever heard. And it makes sense, because toddlers are tyrants. So now you understand Trump."

Watch the rest of the hilarious segment (above).

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