See Chrissy Teigen Give Zero F---ks About Super Bowl Nip Slip (Photos & Video)
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It's been 13 years since Janet Jackson's nipple rocked the Super Bowl in 2004, and now another wardrobe malfunction is making headlines thanks to Chrissy Teigen.

While Teigen and her husband John Legend looked comfortable in their box seats at Sunday night's game between the Patriots and the Falcons, Chrissy was rocking a NSFTV sheer top that left little to the imagination.

After the camera cut to the two in the stands, a fan re-posted the shot on Twitter, zooming in on her exposed bits with the message, "ummmmm the press box ain't save you." (Video below)

An unfazed Teigen then re-tweeted the video, captioning it, "boom goes the dynamite."

She followed up that message by live tweeting the game with a series of videos, including one of her eating pizza during the "25th quarter" of the game ... and another saying "things are happening" as the game started to turn in the Patriots' favor.

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