The Only Thing Better Than 'Stranger Things 2' Trailer Is the Kids Reaction to It (Video)
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Netflix released the first teaser for its hit show, "Stranger Things 2" during last night's Super Bowl and the show's mostly-kid cast had an epic freakout that was happily caught on video.

In a video posted by Noah Schnapp (the show's Will Byers), the cast of the award-winning show reacted with a lot of screaming.

"Fun video of us seeing the S2 teaser!!!" Schnapp wrote.

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Watch the video (below) and continue for more story.

The kids weren't the only ones losing it on social media.

The show's Chief Jim Hopper (portrayed by David Harbour) shared a video of his own on Instagram. His reaction was very similar to that of the "Stranger Things" kids, except it featured all-male adults.

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Harbour wrote: "Cool as cucumber d bros and me screaming like an 8 year old on Christmas morning. #worldupsidedown #strangerthings #sb51."

Watch the video (below) for Harbour's impassioned -- and hilarious -- response.

A video posted by David Harbour (@dkharbour) on

See the exciting first trailer for the second season of the hit show (below).

"Stranger Things 2" debuts Tuesday, Oct. 31 on Netflix.

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