The Roots' Questlove and Tariq took time out of their busy "Tonight Show" duties to mock one of the week's most awkward pop culture moments: When "Bachelor" contestant Jasmine told Nick Viall that she liked him so much she wanted to "choke" him.

Questlove played Viall while Tariq took on the duty of portraying Jasmine, and if you thought the original clip featuring Viall and Jasmine was odd and uncomfortable, get ready to laugh.

"Here to reenact that scene with actual lines from the show, the Roots' own Tariq and Questlove," Fallon said.

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"You know what, I like you a lot," Tariq began. "And I know it's there and that's why I put myself through this even though it makes me upset," he said, as he began to cry. "I'm gonna choke you so bad. I'm gonna choke ya right now," Tariq said. "No, JK. Aww, I just wanna choke you! JK. But, you know what I mean?

"No, I'm being serious. I just wanna throw your ass down and, like, choke you," Tariq said. "JK, JK!"

Watch the video (above) to see Tariq's scary and passive-aggressive affections for Questlove in action.

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