Jimmy Fallon caught some serious flack for his interview with Donald Trump last year, but he's not holding back when it comes to America's new Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.

The "Tonight Show" host skewered the controversial cabinet member with a sketch mocking her lack of experience.

"Some people aren't too happy with her confirmation, saying she has no real experience in public education," he said at the top of the skit. "We wanted to give her a chance to defend herself."

While the real DeVos was MIA, comedian Jo Firestone happily stepped up to play the part and nails it.

By looking at the wrong camera, pronouncing her own name incorrectly, and calling her position the "new secretary of edu-Cake Boss," Firestone trashed Betsy throughout the clip (above).

"No more text books ... they're too heavy and have too many words," she explained of how she'll improve schools.

But that's nothing compared to her and Trump's plan for teaching foreign languages: "Just speak English."

More. Please. Like, now.

Watch the video above to see what we hope will be a recurring "Tonight Show" character.