Things at the Factory aren't looking too good for Dwight.

In a "Walking Dead" sneak peek trailer and preview clip of next week's episode, "Hostiles and Calamities," fans get a glimpse of what's been going on with Negan and his men since Daryl escaped their clutches.

In the trailer, Negan and Lucille wreak havoc over the Factory after Fat Joey's death, as the Big Bad asserts his power over Dwight by once again asking him, "Who are you, Dwight?" The correct answer, of course, "I'm Negan."

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's villain is also seen threatening new prisoner Eugene and telling his own followers, "Understand something, we'll find him," clearly a warning to whoever helped Daryl escape.

In a clip from the episode itself, we also see Dwight come to the realization he's totally screwed, as he discovers Daryl escaped. Judging by this reaction, he's not the one who helped the Alexandrian get out of his cell.

Anyone else think it was D's wife, Sherry?

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