'How To Get Away With Murder' Whodunit: The Wildest Fan Theories on #WhoKilledWes
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After strapping in for a wild roller coaster ride of WTF moments through Shondaland on this season of "How To Get Away With Murder," all of our burning questions will be answered tonight in a 2-hour season finale that's sure to be full of OMG moments.

This season, we were presented with questioning "Who Killed Wes?" The series seemed to eliminate one person each week, but suddenly it feels like everyone could be a suspect again. We all have our own theories on who killed Wes, where Wes' body is, and who was actually involved in burning down Annalise's house. The best place to find these theories?

The internet, of course.

After diving deep into the incredible world of Reddit, the comment sections, and fan fiction everywhere, TooFab has gathered some of the most bizarre, most logical, most no-way, and most "I didn’t even think of that" “How to Get Away With Murder” theories on who killed Wes Gibbins.

The Suspects:



Asher has a serious dark side. He looked the other way when a woman was being gang raped at his party, killed Sinclair on impulse just because she goaded him, and just went with the flow while everyone covered up for him.

He also tried to plant the seed of suspicion on Connor at the very beginning in the hospital because Connor wasn't processing his grief in an obvious way. As Michaela said in the previous episode: that's the first thing guilty people do - they try to pin it on someone else. But she forgot to look at her boyfriend.

His overwhelming good guy act for the entire second half of this season is just a little too good - plus him going over the top over and over again to Annalise about how he will back her up. In the season finale teaser, we hear Michaela say "you know you can tell me anything," in that sort of affectionate girlfriend-y voice she uses with Asher.

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ADA Atwood:

New theory, given that it seems likely Wes is dead, I’m starting to think that maybe ADA Atwood did it. She's pretty obsessed with Annalise, and she may have killed Wes because he wouldn't cooperate. She seems willing to justify anything just to beat out Annalise, and if she did kill Wes, I could see her doing so with the thought in mind that anyone in league with Annalise is the enemy -- and also blaming it on Annalise in the sense that if she wasn't such a "bad" person (in Atwood's eyes) Wes wouldn't have been in a position to get hurt.

Even though it's still possible it was someone else -- All the evidence she collected on Annalise and K5/4 would probably be null and void if it turned out she was the killer.



Oliver killed Wes because the night of the fire, he found out the truth about Sam. So he decided to hack the D.A's for the first time and found out Wes's declaration with the other unsolved cases. He thought that Connor's life and his would be at risk so he killed Wes. Remember at the beginning of season 3 he said "I can be bad too". Also he may be the one who moved the body to another morgue and faked Nate's signature. We all know that he is capable of doing that. Also, we don’t know where he was before the fire and how he knew about it. He is playing off the innocent card. Connor, Nate or Frank are my options to who started the fire and I do not rule out the possibility that maybe 2 of them plan the exploitation together, unknowing Laurel's presence at the house. Wes's emergency number might be Annalise or Eve.



Laurel was actually the one who killed Wes because he found out about the baby and wanted her to have an abortion (also why she flipped out when Bonnie suggested an abortion) so she decided to kill Wes and frame AK. We know for a fact she was at the house and she is the one making up new potential suspects; obsessing about the Mahoney family and saying she saw someone run out of the basement.


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She wasn't on AK's call list (don't know why and that's a bit suspicious itself). But Connor's phone was at her place, she could have listened to his voicemail before Connor got the chance to and did, um, killing stuff.

That, and (now this is really reaching for straws but just for speculation's sake), if the phone had been in the couch the whole time, wouldn't she have felt those vibrations in her booty before Oliver's call?



They have to be something with her right? She seemed to have already served her purpose when Wes and Laurel got together, yet she's still hanging around. It seems stupid, but I can't see why she hung around for so long and was acting sketchy with Laurel while in Hospital.



It was Connor that killed Wes. We cant tell what Connor was thinking when Bonnie declared it was Wes that was dead. His expression says he knew all along, but it could be shock as well. Also, he clearly asks, "Who's dead?" How did he know someone was dead? How did Connor find out someone was dead and not just in critical condition? We know he had some time to himself after he left Thomas. Back to something he said in a previous episode, he said he'd kill Wes if he went to the police. He saw Wes leaving the police station, followed him to Annalise's house, murdered him there and left the body somewhere.

People say he slept with Thomas to have an alibi, but his date with him was already planned before. He wasn’t set on killing Wes before that so that's why I think Connor saw Wes leaving the station and then decided to kill him.


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I haven't yet seen this theory that I just thought of. What if Frank did it, not to help Annalise but to hurt her? What if he actually is a sociopath and never actually forgave Annalise? A sociopath as good as Frank could really have gotten them to believe that he was as emotional as he seemed to be. I don't know how likely it is that they want this route, but it seems plausible.


Annalise 1:

What if Annalise made a deal with Frank and Bonnie that if Frank killed Wes to stop him from exposing everything Annalise would let him come home? And because Frank knew that Laurel and Wes were together it wasn't hard to convince him to do it. Bonnie could have been in the house and talking to Wes to distract him when Frank attacked him. Then when Laurel shows up she finds Wes's body but he's already dead and that's when the house blows up. The explosion was timed to when Laurel entered so that she couldn't call the police to report that he was dead and maybe they hoped she would either die in the explosion as well or have amnesia. But she didn't so she wrote Wes's name as a way to say he's dead, but he was dead before the explosion.

And to add another layer, we think the explosion was planned by Annalise as a way to kill Laurel so that she (Annalise) would have full control over Frank. Kind of like an eye for an eye, he "killed" her son, she killed the love of his life.

Annalise 2:

When Annalise is talking to Bonnie, she says: "So maybe today was a good thing, you know? Lock me up. That way you can all finally be safe."

What if she framed herself for the fire? What if someone she cared about (Nate? One of the K5?) told her they did something terrible and in the state that she was (drunk, burning things) she decided to take the blame for it? Then when she realized the terrible thing was Wes dying, she regretted it.


The Mahoney Family:

Wes leaves the courthouse (before Nate we saw) and heads to AK's house. Mrs. Mahoney who was giving Wes some serious stare downs during the trial came to town to seek him out and they crossed paths at AK's house. The door was open so anyone could have gotten in. Mahoney killed Wes. Nate shows up and thinks AK might be involved somehow and his desire to always cover up for her kicks in and he rigs the house to blow up. Laurel shows up at AK's, finds Wes's dead body, then boom.


Wes 1:

Wes faked his death. Earlier in the season (not sure which episode) Meggy mentioned that she would be working on cadavers soon. What if Wes, along with AK's help, somehow faked his death and that the body we saw was in fact a cadaver. It looks like Wes and there's no explanation to offer as to how it would look like him if it wasn't him. AK was extremely upset when she saw the body, however, when it showed her in prison, she seemed more upset about her charges than his death. Granted being charged for arson and murder are defiantly concerns, but considering AK has dedicated her life to protecting Wes, we can’t see her being so unaffected. Also, why was only half his face burned? We know they needed for the audience to be able to recognize him, but still something seemed off about that. Yes I know it's been confirmed Wes is dead, but let's not forget, Wes really isn't Wes-he's Cristophe.

Wes 2:

What if Wes is the anonymous source? He arranges the deal with the DA and they think to fake his death so he can start a new life somewhere else with a new identity, AND frame Annalise for his death and all the others they seem to find out about? Think about it, the whole "body's missing," "he's been cremated" is really awkward: surely the DA would be able to fake Nate's signature and remove the body to let him change his identity? Last episode's title is 'Wes', we know title is ALWAYS a big impact line from that episode, so that fits the theory, because they'll find out eventually he did all that (or maybe he shows up at Laurel's and she says it, with quite a surprise), and voilà.

After reading these theories, we truly have no idea who might be the killer, and if we know anything from watching Shondaland over the years, we're sure to be in for a major shock.

"How To Get Away With Murder" Season 3 finale airs Thursday, Feb. 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.