Where In the World Is Kellyanne Conway? Here's the Answer...
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Once a daily occurrence, sightings of Kellyanne Conway on TV have gone down to almost zero since getting grilled about Mike Flynn last week.

Donald Trump's adviser has drawn comparisons to Waldo, the elusive Carmen Sandiego and Baby Jane Hudson after being MIA from the spotlight. So what's going on here?

According to CNNMoney, Conway has been "sidelined from television appearances for making statements that were at odds with the administration's official stance." Those statements included her saying Flynn had the president's "full confidence" just hours before his resignation over ties to Russia and her endorsement of Ivanka Trump's fashion line.

Despite her lack of televised facetime, Conway herself told the publication she's "been invited on shows every day, including two Sunday shows. I'm trying to focus on other pieces of my portfolio."

She also said she'll be on Fox News Wednesday night.

Conway's critics have definitely taken notice since she's been off the air, many of them sharing "Where's Kellyanne?" memes on Twitter.

See some of the funniest reactions below:

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