Stephen Colbert blasted President Donald Trump on Wednesday night for relying on InfoWars' Alex Jones as a source of advice and information.

The "Late Show" host described Trump as "a bit of a loose cannon, powder keg, dump truck," pointing out that "it's important for him to be counseled by people who are even keeled."

"Unfortunately, he's talking to some jerk named Alex Jones," Colbert said, citing a New York Times story that reported Trump will rely on Jones as an "occasional information source and validator with whom he sometimes speaks on the phone."

Colbert described Jones as a "far-right conspiracy theorist" and played a clip of one of Jones' many angry, animated rants on his web show. "This is why you don't mix steroids with peyote," Colbert joked.

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The late-night comedian cited the NY Times report that Jones is hoping InfoWars will qualify for "a coveted White House press credential," and advised the current press pool at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to "get some ear plugs."

Trump previously referred to other outlets like The New York Times and CNN as "fake news," but has made no bones about being associated with Jones, whh has made claims that the Sandy Hook Massacre was faked and that gay people are the result of a "chemical warfare operation" spread through juice boxes.

Watch the video above to see Colbert's spot-on Jones impression.

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