Hollywood Is Furious Trump Revoked Transgender Student Bathroom Protections: 'Ugly,' 'Disgusting,' 'Not OK'
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UPDATE: Caitlyn Jenner, a Republican who Trump said could use any restroom she wanted at Trump Tower, just called the President's decision a "disaster."


President Donald Trump has rolled back the progress former President Barack Obama made in enforcing bathroom protection for transgender students in schools, and many in Hollywood aren't happy.

On Wednesday, the Trump administration rescinded Obama's initiative for public school guidance on allowing transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice based on their chosen gender identity.

Trump revoked the guidelines for public schools despite a federal judge putting the initiative on hold to determine where state rights ended and federal guidelines began.

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Actors, actresses, comedians and singers including Brie Larson, Katy Perry and Mark Ruffalo are speaking out against the decision on Twitter. Read their reactions below.

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