Award shows are fun, but as with most things in life they’re even more fun with alcohol.

So TooFab decided to provide you with one of the most fun Oscar-themed drinking games on the internet, courtesy of PorchDrinking.com.

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If you think red carpet interviews will be flooded with political rants, mentions of Trump (and by the same token, SNL), talk about immigrants or anything of that sort, get ready to black out.

If you foresee many man buns on the carpet, you will get drunk. Baby bumps – call a cab. Umbrella holders – shots on deck! (Pro Tip: Don Julio induced hangovers hurt slightly less than most.)

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So grab a beer, find your spot on the couch and get your Oscars fix with TooFab.

We’ve got you covered… and drunk.

Download and print your favorite bingo cards here. Happy watching!