Funny or Die mashed up "Get Out" with Donald Trump, and it may be even creepier than the actual trailer for the critically acclaimed racial horror movie.

Instead of visiting Allison Williams' parents in the suburbs, "Get Out (Of the White House)" imagines star Daniel Kaluuya dating Ivanka Trump, who thinks it's finally time to subject her boyfriend to the scrutiny of her father, who describes himself as "the least racist person that you have ever met."

But is he really?

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Ben Carson, Omarosa Manigault and even Kanye West make appearances as the brainwashed African Americans in Trump's company, while the rest of the Trump family pops up to make their black guest feel uncomfortable as well.

West standing in for Lakeith Stanfield's character is sure to put audiences on the edge of their seat. Watch the surprisingly frightening parody above.