Trevor Noah was so shocked by Judge Jeanine Pirro's rant against Paul Ryan on Fox News that he compared it to North Korean propaganda.

"Wow, that Fox News s--t was insane." Noah said in the segment (above) Monday night after playing the clip of Pirro bashing the Speaker of the House for failing to deliver enough votes to pass the GOP's health care bill. "In fact, it sounded just like North Korea’s propaganda news."

Noah then played a clip of a reporter from North Korea speaking in a very similar tone. It's up to you to decide on the similarity.

President Donald Trump told his Twitter followers on Saturday to watch Pirro's bitter takedown of Ryan on Saturday night, and the "Daily Show" host joked he was scared of the repurcussions for not obeying the Commander in Chief's orders.

"I don’t know Judge Jeanine, but if the President is telling me to watch her show, I’ve got to watch.” Noah said. “I mean, I’m on a green card, I’m not trying to break the law.”

Pirro's opened the broadcast over the weekend by calling for Ryan to step down as Speaker. “You come in, with all your swagger and experience, and you sell him a bill of goods which ends up a complete and total failure," she said.

Pirro ended her rant by saying, "I want to be clear: this is not on President Trump. No one expected a businessman to completely understand the nuances, the complicated ins and outs of Washington and its legislative process."

Noah was confused by that statement. "Wait, what? No one expected the President to be a president?" he asked, and added that Pirro "sounded like a mom who’s blaming other kids for something her stupid son did willingly."

"This was so embarrassing for the republicans." Noah said. "They've been running against Obamacare for seven years, every election they've been like 'vote for us America, we're going to repeal and replace,' but now when they actually have control of their entire government, they fail to agree on their own plan."

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