James Corden and Kristen Bell performed “Up Where We Belong” Tuesday night in an aerial duet plagued by technical issues.

The "Late Late Show" host and his guest were surrounded by romantic fog on a moonlit stage at the beginning of the bit (above) and then were lifted up up by wires, which did more to keep them apart then bring them together to get in sync for lines like, "Love lift us up where we belong."

Although the vocals were surprisingly smooth, the performance played out more like a hilariously bad puppet show than anything else.

Of course we assume both Corden and Bell were in on the joke, which concluded with the late-night host lashing out at his staff while still hanging in the air.

"That was an absolute disaster. Who is responsible for this? We rehearsed it, rehearsed it and rehearsed it," Corden said. "Make sure we fix this in post."

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